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Artificial Intelligence powered Crypto Thematic Basket Investment platform with mission to drive the next 50 million users into crypto by making crypto investing Smart , Easy and Simple. We are a bunch of Crypto enthusiasts located across Singapore, and India with leading industry experience working for Fortune 100 companies in areas of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Capital Markets.

Our Philosophy

Crypto assets gained prominence in the last decade and emerged as an alternative asset class. We believe many wanna-be crypto investors today are missing out on the opportunity due to their busy professional lives, lack of time to track new technologies, lack of education, or being intimidated by unfriendly current crypto exchange interfaces. CryptoSmartlife addresses these pain points head-on by letting investors "invest" in crypto rather than just "buy" crypto. Coins from the top 100 crypto market capitalization coins are basketized based on popular themes in the crypto, blockchain, and Web 3 ecosystems. Investors could compare investments based on risks and make decisions based on individual risk appetites and investment preferences. CryptoSmartlife does instant KYCs for users and provides users with convenient options to add and withdraw money from bank accounts.

Smart crypto investing platform
Our Vision

Be at the forefront of crypto innovation at the intersection of Crpyto and AI to maximise invested value.

Our Mission

Drive crypto adoption to the next 50 million users by making crypto investing simple,smart with ease to use, AI powered investing.