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Theme based Crypto Baskets
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Diversification made easy as per risk appetite
Optimize returns on an ongoing basis
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Auto Rebalancing as per market conditions
Custody and $250M digital assets insurance powered by
Custody and $250M digital assets insurance powered by
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Data-Driven Investment Approach in Crypto

Start your Thematic Basket Cryptocurrency Investment as low as 10$

Thematic Basket
Invest in Baskets based on Risk Appetite

Diversify your best crypto portfolios by investing in popular themes and ideas such as Metaverse, NFT, Defi, and many more. as per your risk appetite: Low, Medium, or High.

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Auto Rebalance your Portfolio based on Market Conditions

Stay in line with the dynamic market conditions via periodic Auto Rebalancing i.e Monthly and Quarterly.

Thematic Basket
Beat Volatility with our Recurring Investment Plans

Beat the hassle of timing the market by using the Recurring Investment Plan and the cost average of your smart investments.

Reward yourself with our Smart Baskets

To create the best crypto portfolios, explore our smart crypto baskets, know the risk
and reward yourself with returns.

Note : Returns calculated based on Qtr-ly rebalancing of basket.

Picking Right Investment is key to Building Wealth

Choose Invesment Amount , Compare

Investment Amount: INR 10,000

Return since Jan 2021

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Choose an Investing Strategy!

Pick a strategy to allocate coins in your favorite Web 3.0 Themes & Ideas.


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Now invest in thematic baskets or strategies in your own exchange accounts or invest using our CryptoSmartlife wallet.

Smart crypto investing platform Smart crypto investing platform Smart crypto investing platform
Secured crypto investment platform
CryptoSmartlife takes Security with Urgency!
Our platform takes all three - Product, Corporate and Physical security on priority. All our data transfer connections are secured with 256 bit encryption, and we’re hosted on world class AWS infrastructure. In addition, in this best app to buy cryptocurrency, all personal data is secured using ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 compliant identity solution Auth0. All the user provided API keys are securely stored and encrypted using AES 256 bit with unique secret key.
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Stop wondering which cryptocurrency to buy right now! Download the CryptoSmartlife app available on Google PlayStore & App Store and make your first SMART Crypto Basket investment on the go!
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Why CryptoSmartlife ?

CryptoSmartlife App
CryptoSmartlife App
Other Crypto / Trading Apps
Theme Based Crypto Baskets
Choice of Investment Strategies
Portfolio Rebalancing
Bullish and Bearish Signals for Coins
Recurring Investment Plan
Simple & Easy To Use Interface
Instant KYC
Quick Deposits & Withdrawls







What is CryptoSmartlife?

CryptoSmartlife is the best app to buy cryptocurrency, helps you invest in theme-based risk-adjusted Smart Crypto Baskets such as Metaverse, Web 3 . It is available as a mobile app on Google Playstore for Android users and also available as a web app. The crypto investment basket allocations are categorized into low, medium, and high-risk levels based on volatility and returns. Baskets are periodically auto- rebalanced to match market dynamics based on user preferences. You can also choose to set up Recurring Investment plans to automate periodic investments in baskets.

Who can invest?

Any individual over 18 years of age who is a legal citizen of India can start investing in cryptocurrency through the CryptoSmartlife platform. Our platform specializes in thematic investing, in which users invest in risk-adjusted theme baskets of cryptocurrencies. Thus, you can choose the basket for your investment as each basket comes with a low, medium, or high-risk categorization for your cryptocurrency investment.

Is CryptoSmartlife Trustworthy ?

CryptoSmartlife is built with trust and security as a priority. Crypto Smarlife is a key member of Blockchain Assets and Crypto Council of India.Know More

Cryptosmartlife Advisors are renowned business leaders working for Meta and Chainlink. And our leadership team consists of seasoned executives with industry leading experience working for IBM Blockchain, AnZ Bank, etc.Know More

Is CryptoSmartlife safe?

CryptoSmartlife is secured by Bitgo as the custody partner and is also a key member of Blockchain Assets and Crypto Council of India (BACC). We take all three - Product, Corporate and Physical security on priority. All our data transfer connections are secured with 256-bit encryption, and we’re hosted on world-class AWS infrastructure.

Can Institutional Investors Invest too?

Yes, institutional investors such as Hedge funds, mutual funds, or endowments can definitely invest on the CryptoSmartlife platform. Institutional investors, as we know, are always looking to diversify their investment portfolios, and thus, adding digital assets to their portfolios is something that’s becoming more popular with each passing day. So if your institution is searching for crypto investing apps in India, then you have come to the right place. CryptoSmartlife is the best crypto investing app and is available for Android users on playstore in India and as a web platform.

Is Crypto legal in India?

Yes, buying, selling or holding crypto-assets is legal in India. The Supreme Court in a judgement dated 04.03.2020 also struck down an RBI circular which prohibited banks and other regulated financial institutions from servicing cryptocurrency businesses. However, crypto-assets are an unregulated investment product and they involve financial risk. Please read ourProduct risk disclosure policy for more details . Please see the attached link.

Dose cryptosmartlife require huge money to buy cryptocurrency?

No, when you are on the CryptoSmartlife platform, you don’t need to invest a huge amount in cryptocurrency. You can choose the best cryptocurrency to buy in India with as low as INR 500 per basket. You can choose a particular crypto-basket based on the risk appetite & investment preferences. Check out our Bitcoin Ethereum Basket, Metaverse Basket, Top Blue Chip Cryptos & other baskets on our website or mobile app right now!

Can cryptosmartlife help beginners to buy best crypto?

Yes, Crypto Smartlife app is designed to help beginners start investing in Crypto. You can find the best crypto to buy and invest in on our platform. Crypto Coins are basketized based on popular themes and allocations are assigned based on risk and returns. All the baskets are backtested with historical data , so beginners can check the portfolio fluctualtions prior to investing.